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Max Boost Pro Flow - Blue/clear PD325025

Max Boost Pro Flow - Blue/clear

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Elevate Your Performance and Reclaim Confidence!

Experience the power of automatic results while potentially unleashing stronger, more powerful, and longer-lasting erections with the Max Boost Pro Flow Penis Pump! This revolutionary power pump has a completely waterproof IPX6 rating, meaning unlike other power pumps on the market, it can be used in the shower, tub, or spa and can even be filled with water without you having to manually pump up the pressure.

Simply sit back and relax and let the Pro Flow do all the work. Choose from four constant suction speeds, four automatic suck-and-release pattern settings, or a manual pump mode, all built into the in-line waterproof rechargeable pump. The bright LEDs change from green, to yellow, to red, indicating the amount of pressure inside of the tube and the LEDs can be turned off if so desired. Just imagine unlocking new levels of intimacy and the satisfaction of heightened pleasure for both you and your partner.

The Max Boost Pro Flow takes your shower sessions to maximum levels. The waterproof IPX6 design means you can use it in the shower or bath for up to 30 minutes. Combine this with the powerful automatic pump motor and you'll have the power pump you have been looking for.

Revolutionary waterproof design
4 constant suction speeds
4 automatic suck and release patterns
High definition, crystal clear cylinder
Quick release to instantly release pressure
Removable ultra-hygienic premium Elite Silicone

Length: 11.25" (30.6 cm)
Width: 3.25" (8.1 cm)
Penetrable depth: 7.5" (20 cm)