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Blue Lotus Sex Magnet Pheromone Prepack Display KS12065

Blue Lotus Sex Magnet Pheromone Prepack Display

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Prepack with versatile attractive easel and shelf talker. Includes printed product features and selling points to draw in customers and educate store employees. Each display contains 20 sellable units: 4 pheromone massage candles 8 bottles of 2 oz pheromone infused massage oil and 8 roll on pheromone fragrance oils, all in a Blue Lotus floral scent that is perfect for everybody (unisex). The blue lotus essential oil has potential aphrodisiac, mood enhancement, relaxation and stress relief properties. Includes 1 roll-on and 1 roll-on and 1 massage oil tester. Not tested on animals, the products are free of parabens, gluten, glycerin and alcohol free. Great to place on: shelves, table tops or next to register for impulse purchase. Each individual candle, roll on and massage oil are TSA approved travel size. Proudly made in the USA.